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  • v. To mix, blend, mingle.
  • v. To bring (people, animals etc.) together; to be joined, in marriage or sexual intercourse.
  • v. To produce through mixing; especially, to knead.
  • n. Mixture.
  • v. To be unattractive (person or object).
  • v. To be foul smelling.
  • v. To speak of; mention; tell; relate.
  • v. To speak; tell; talk; discourse.


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From Middle English mingen, mengen, from Old English mengan ("to mix, combine, unite, associate with, consort, cohabit with, disturb, converse"), from Proto-Germanic *mangijanan (“to mix, knead”), from Proto-Indo-European *menk- (“to rumple, knead”). Cognate with Dutch mengen ("to mix, blend, mingle"), German mengen ("to mix"), Danish mænge ("to rub"), Old English ġemang ("mixture, union, troop, crowd, multitude, congregation, assembly, business, cohabitation"). More at among.

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Backformation from minging.

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From Middle English mingen, mengen, mungen, muneȝen, from Old English myngian, mynegian, ġemynegian ("to bring to mind, have in mind"), from myne ("mind"), from ġemunan ("to remember"), from Proto-Germanic *munanan (“to think”), from Proto-Indo-European *men- (“to think”). Merged in Middle English with Old English ġemyndgian ("to remember, be mindful, remind, intend, commemorate, mention, exhort, impel, warn, demand payment"). More at mind.


  • Links to this post novruz break sheep and a broken down ferris wheel in ming our reservoir at the hotel riverside in ... checking out the rowing competition

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  • There are three "mountain fingers" in azerbaijan. these are mountain areas that jut either northward or westward and are somewhat separated from azerbaijan's mainland (ming is in the mainland closest to the sheki -- zaqatala finger). it appears mostly CEDs live in the quba-sizayan finger and so i got pst reminisce, talk shop, and eat burittos. ain't nothing wrong with that.

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  • On the other hand, the video shows that blog­gers, online com­mu­ni­ties etc. and amazon-like mod­els com­bin­ing to form a sim­i­lar envi­ron­ment stem­ming from a grass­roots level, but which par­al­lels the con­di­tion of top-down media.

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  • The party congress declared that most of these enterprises—as many as a hundred thousand—would be divorced from the state and operated on the principle of what is sometimes called ming ying—“people-owned companies.”


  • My (very) humble efforts this week: in 'ming' - closed as no longer occurred.

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  • When they eat the heart [of plants], they are called ming

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  • Mr. Raymond T. Moyer, writing from Taiku, Shansi, reports that farmers there know as ming a stem borer of rice and of millet.

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  • he didn't call ming the leader of the opposition. listen again. he said it was funny that the leader of the opposition cameron hadn't mentioned transferable tax allowances.

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  • Choose 'ming', get 'brown', - now where have I heard that before ?

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  • A different "ming" means "name" -- so names make people prominent and are a tool of intelligent discrimination. PRESS.


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