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  • n. Alternative spelling of mizzenmast.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. mizzenmast.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. third mast from the bow in a vessel having three or more masts; the after and shorter mast of a yawl, ketch, or dandy


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  • A glance up the hatchway showed the giant that the arms he had planned to seize were defended by ten firelocks, and that, behind the open doors of the partition which ran abaft the mizenmast, the remainder of the detachment stood to their arms.

    For the term of his natural life

  • The space abaft the mizenmast contained a dining-room about ten feet broad, and extending the whole width of the ship, a saloon, and two cabins.

    Complete Project Gutenberg Collection of Memoirs of Napoleon

  • One of them had the initial P shining between the foremast and mainmast, and G between the main mast and mizenmast.

    From Lower Deck to Pulpit

  • The mizenmast, heel upward, leaned against the side of the poop in a slanting position, showing that it had fallen forward as well as sideways; and immediately to leeward, in the water that heaved and seethed round us, rose and fell a tangle of wrecked spars, sails, and rigging.

    The First Mate The Story of a Strange Cruise

  • Presently, therefore, I sprang into the mizen rigging and made my way aloft to the mizen topmast crosstrees, from which I directed the operation of sending down the royal and topgallant yards, and afterwards took a hand in sending down the topgallant mast, having the satisfaction of finding, when I returned to the deck, that we on the mizenmast had beaten both Briscoe and Kennedy.

    The First Mate The Story of a Strange Cruise

  • She thanked me breathlessly as I dragged her by main force to the mizenmast and passed a couple of turns of the topgallant halyard round her waist, securing her to a belaying pin; and by the time that this was done the gust, like the first, had passed.

    The First Mate The Story of a Strange Cruise

  • On the contrary, she ordered Kennedy to counter-brace the yards with the head yards aback, and then heave the ship to on the port tack, after which everybody but ourselves and the look-outs was to go below, and while she was giving these orders she deftly passed a few more turns of the halyard about herself, so that she could not possibly be blown away unless the mizenmast was blown out of the ship.

    The First Mate The Story of a Strange Cruise

  • The miscreants who had boarded the vessel had apparently been all over her in search of anything that might be worth carrying away, and, among other places, they had explored the lazarette, which lay beneath the cabin, a small hatchway just abaft the mizenmast giving access to it.

    Overdue The Story of a Missing Ship

  • As the boatswain had said, she was about half a mile distant from us, and her mizenmast was over the side, still fast to the hull by the rigging, which had not been cut away.

    Overdue The Story of a Missing Ship

  • Once, when the craft rolled toward us, I thought I caught a glimpse of what might possibly be a hole in her poop deck, just where the mizenmast had once been stepped.

    Overdue The Story of a Missing Ship


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