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  • adj. momentary

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  • adj. Momentary.

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  • Lasting for a moment; momentary.
  • Pertaining to instants of time; instantaneous.

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  • adj. lasting for a markedly brief time


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Latin momentaneus: compare French momentané.


  • Similarly then, a form like *CēC-s-t with added *-s- simply signals that a naturally ongoing action (such as swimming or breathing) is now referring specifically to a singular point in time (+momentaneous), an experience in a person's life.

    Looking for a simple origin to Hittite's hi-class preterite

  • So the preterite of the hi-class is nothing more than a matter of a former sigmatic experiential, already with momentaneous meaning, replacing the expected form *CóC-e.

    Looking for a simple origin to Hittite's hi-class preterite

  • The former leads to a durative-turned-present and the latter leads to a momentaneous-turned-past.

    New thought: A 2D matrix of eventive/non-eventive and subjective/objective

  • If you think about it, the reduplicated form could easily lend a resultative nuance if analysed in this way since the reduplication would have originally stressed the non-stative quality of the verb either "repetitive" in nature as for punctual actions, or "continuative" as for non-momentaneous ones while the *h₂e-set of personal endings would ensure a completive aspect in contrast to the non-completive *mi-set.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • Otherwise, it is difficult to reconcile the fact that the Island disappears when it moves, since if no cataclysmic event occurs after the time-travelers go to the past, all that should happen is momentaneous changes in the present state of things on the Island suddenly the Dharma Initiative re-appears because the Hostiles/Others Purge was avoided.

    Why the Island Disappears by Francisco

  • For the communication of light is momentaneous, and ceases at once on the removal of the original light.

    The New Organon

  • Do I want this curious transparent blood of the antipodes, with its momentaneous feelings, and its sort of ABSENTNESS?


  • It was the sheer momentaneous life of the continent.


  • Lightning is a great flame, very bright, extending every way to a great distance, suddenly darting upwards, there ending, so that it is only momentaneous.

    The Shepherd of Banbury's Rules to Judge of the Changes of the Weather, Grounded on Forty Years' Experience

  • Our “cry” is indefinite as to aspect, “be crying” is durative, “cry out” is momentaneous, “burst into tears” is inceptive, “keep crying” is continuative, “start in crying” is durative-inceptive, “cry now and again” is iterative, “cry out every now and then” or “cry in fits and starts” is momentaneous-iterative.

    Chapter 5. Form in Language: Grammatical Concepts


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