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  • n. Plural form of morpho.


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  • When she had showed Shay her pretty morphos, Tally had mentioned how she always started by doubling her left side—that she had always hated the right side of her face.

    Scott Westerfeld: Uglies Quartet

  • Everyone made morphos, even littlies, too young for their facial structure to have set.

    Scott Westerfeld: Uglies Quartet

  • In Uglies, when Shay and Tally are making morphos of themselves, they start by picking one side of their face, then folding it over.

    Bogus to Bubbly

  • My morphos were actually inspired by the faces used in beauty studies, “averaged” human faces created by computers.

    Bogus to Bubbly

  • However, those morphos shifters are actually Giger-inspired new-age rock'em sock'em robots

    The Party's Over: Derailed by the Economy

  • This one was black with large panels of iridescent blue, which may have reminded him of the morphos he had seen in the Amazon.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • Meanwhile the number of light-loving species such as those flashy blue morphos, adapted to forest gaps and edges increased.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • But at times the air seemed full of fluttering giant butterflies - glittering morphos and other species, iridescent in shades of cobalt and emerald and orange and yellow, like huge shimmering flowers freed from their earthly confines.

    River Of Desire

  • It sounded more like a threat than a promise; nevertheless the words set a thousand butterflies as big as blue Amazon morphos to fluttering in Toni's lower stomach.

    River Of Desire

  • When Borland Open Sourced it, they forked these guys are going it alone. morphos



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