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  • n. In transverse flutes, the hole in the side of the tube against the edge of which the player's breath is so directed as to produce the tone.


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  • He tongues me back through the mouth-hole cut in the hood.


  • When his mouth-hole was large enough for the beet to enter, the father shoved it in, and the boy, wincing, bit down on the terrible, terrible beet.

    The boy who ate a beet

  • I'm not trying to be callous (although I can be: vengeful god, etc. etc.), but please, let's be reasonable: the coverage, both from the media and from your mouth-hole, is way overdone.

    Meg Favreau: A Letter From the Cosmos Regarding the Death of Michael Jackson

  • Even from my distance I could see the foam spouting from his mouth-hole.

    The Forever War

  • Suddenly the four men collapsed in a pile on top of the creature … Even from my distance I could see the foam spouting from his mouth-hole.

    The Forever War

  • Foam gushed out of his mouth-hole, first white, then streaked red.

    The Forever War

  • Then, with a creaking and rustling like -- oh, like crumpling stiff paper -- its arm moved to the mouth-hole and out came a brick!

    A Martian Odyssey

  • The superintendent turned the box upside down, and the joints were left upon the top of the desk, except that the top joint with its gaping mouth-hole stuck in the velvet fitting, but looked the most hollow of the set.

    A Dash from Diamond City

  • It takes roughly 15 minutes to spew all the bile out of your mouth-hole leaving you in an almost zen-like state.

    TV Scoop

  • Dr. D, do you have any advice for how I can bring up to my girlfriend that I would like to use my mouth-hole on her brown-eye? - all articles


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