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  • In orchestral or band music, a direction to the player on an instrument such as the horn, the trumpet, the timpani, etc., to alter the pitch of his instrument by changing the crooks or the tension.

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  • noun Alternative form of mootah.


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  • The scope for misuse is profound and equal in scale to the fixed-term muta marriages that are a cover for prostitution.

    The Times of India 2010

  • Thus, sure of being a senator, I dare say you do not propose to be one of the pedarii senatores, et pedibus ire in sententiam; for, as the House of Commons is the theatre where you must make your fortune and figure in the world, you must resolve to be an actor, and not a persona muta, which is just equivalent to a candle snuffer upon other theatres.

    Letters to his son on The Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman 2005

  • It was a come-on; the women identified the men as foreigners, and knew it was unlikely that the men would call the muta’awa, the religious police.

    Out With the Boys for a Night of Numbering - The Lede Blog - 2008

  • Among the reptiles, the crocodile Crocodylus acutus and the giant river turtle Podocnemis lewyana are critically endangered; more common are the bushmaster snake Lachesis muta, the caiman Caiman sclerops, the iguana Iguana iguana, the boa Boa constrictor, the tortoise Geochelone carbonaria, and the lizard Tupinambis nigropunctatus.

    Magdalena-Urabá moist forests 2008

  • The more ferocious snakes here include fer-de-lance Bothrops asper, coral snake Micrurus spp., boa constrictor Boa constrictor, palm pit-viper Bothriechis spp. and bushmaster Lachesis muta.

    Canaima National Park, Venezuela 2009

  • This is the preliminary stage through which everyone must pass, but a philosopher, and a divine philosopher (hakim muta™allih) at that, must go beyond this stage in pursuit of the quest for reality.

    Mulla Sadra Rizvi, Sajjad 2009

  • Idris Hani (2000), Ma˜ ba˜d al-rushdiyya: Mulla Sadra ra™id al-hikma al-muta˜aliya (Beirut: al-Ghadir).

    Mulla Sadra Rizvi, Sajjad 2009

  • The more ferocious snakes that occur here include fer-de-lance (Bothrops asper), coral snakes (Micrurus spp.), boa constrictors (Boa constrictor), and bushmasters (Lachesis muta).

    Tepuis 2008

  • The snakes include the anaconda Eunectes murinus, fer-de-lance Bothrops asper, palm pit-vipers Bothriechis spp., coral snakes Micrurus spp., the bushmaster Lachesis muta and boa constrictor Boa constrictor.

    Central Amazonian Conservation Complex, Brazil 2008

  • Of these species, 53 are snakes, including the lethal bushmaster (Lachesis muta), three species of pit viper (Bothrops spp.), boa constrictors (Boa constrictor) and emerald tree boas (Carallus caninus).

    Napo moist forests 2008

  • Wherever we’ve looked, in myriad contexts and cultures, we’ve found the same pattern: kama muta and its six features are consistently evoked by viewing videos of sudden connection or kindness, confirming that it is one emotion.

    Kama muta: a new term for that warm, fuzzy feeling we all get – Alan Fiske | Aeon Ideas Alan Fiske 2023

  • Even a small unexpected kindness kindles kama muta: a thoughtful gift, a hug, an invitation to join a meal, an appearance at your bedside in the hospital.

    Kama muta: a new term for that warm, fuzzy feeling we all get – Alan Fiske | Aeon Ideas Alan Fiske 2023

  • So we coined a scientific term for it, ‘kama muta’, borrowed from the ancient Sanskrit where it meant ‘moved by love’, written in the beautiful Devanāgarī script as काममूत.

    Kama muta: a new term for that warm, fuzzy feeling we all get – Alan Fiske | Aeon Ideas Alan Fiske 2023


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