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  • It was the breaking-out part that was the best—the part that started with me taking the saucy little jokes I cooked up at my kitchen table and serving them up to the yahoos in the bars, the lesbians in the church basements, and all the rest of the folks who looked into the funhouse mirror of my humor and either laughed or looked away.

    Roseanne Archy

  • So under the swinging cross, sitting on my kitchen chair, playing the “Good Old Days” oberek just like I remembered the Chopin Group doing it on their recording, I bided my time until my first wedding.

    Hoopi Shoopi Donna

  • We were sitting at my kitchen table while we waited for our food to arrive, discussing the shard of clay left by Paragon's killer.

    The Killing Kind

  • I'd only seen him twice — once at my kitchen table and once in his office at GGL.

    Till the Butchers Cut Him Down

  • Marina has made a pot of sour cabbage schi according to her own recipe, so we are expected in my kitchen at three.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • She looked in my kitchen cabinet and saw stacks of cans of Heinz Vegetarian Beans.

    CSS: Shaping the New You

  • As I stand in my kitchen still gripping the empty bowl of rabbit stew, my entire farming experience has distilled into one dreadful, close-to-inedible entrée.


  • So, like my father with Winkie Papuga picking him up every morning, I had Stella Muniec coming by the house at 6:45 A.M. and tapping her wedding band on my kitchen door window and walking with me down the street and over the bridge and up the loading dock steps into the warm, humming, brightly lit factory.

    Hoopi Shoopi Donna

  • Miss Lucretia, in this state of the case, came forward; and, in quite a different spirit from that manifested by Aunt Katy, she called me into the parlor, (an extra privilege of itself,) and, without using toward me any of the hard-hearted and reproachful epithets of my kitchen tormentor, she quietly acted the good Samaritan.

    My Bondage and My Freedom. Part I.--Life as a Slave. Part II.--Life as a Freeman

  • That night, I was cooking mac and cheese in my kitchen when I got a call from the Trenton Fire Department.

    How to Rig an Election


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