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  • noun A nanostructure in the form of a ribbon


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  • While cutting graphene sheets into nanoscale ribbons can open up a larger band gap and improve function, 'nanoribbon' devices often have limited driving currents, and practical devices would require the production of dense arrays of ordered nanoribbons - a process that so far has not been achieved or clearly conceptualized.

    RedOrbit News - Technology 2010

  • McCann notes that nanoribbon transistors lack the tuneable qualities of earlier graphene devices, but using two layers of graphene could solve this issue.

    Atom-Thick Carbon Transistor May Replace Silicon | Impact Lab 2007

  • Coupled with earlier projects in which Yang and his research group created ultraviolet nanowire nanolasers, and made nanoribbon optical waveguides that can channel and direct light through circuitry, the new nanowire light source lays firm groundwork for future nanophotonic technology.

    Future for Nano-sized Light Source | Impact Lab 2007

  • "This type of nanoribbon would enrich and open up new possibilities for graphene electronics," says

    Technology Review RSS Feeds 2010

  • Graphene nanomesh field-effect transistors can support currents nearly 100 times greater than individual graphene nanoribbon devices, and the on-off ratio, which is comparable with the values achieved in individual nanoribbon devices, can be tuned by varying the neck width.

    Next Big Future bw 2010

  • Electrons running on the nanoribbon surface flow especially smoothly, act as though they have no mass, and have a set spin-at least when the ribbons are immersed in frigid liquid helium. - latest science and technology news stories 2010

  • Processing graphene sheets into nanoribbons with widths of less than 10 nm can open up a bandgap that is large enough for room-temperature transistor operation but nanoribbon devices often have low driving currents or transconductances.

    Next Big Future bw 2010

  • Using such nanomesh as the semiconducting channel, Huang and her team have demonstrated room-temperature transistors that can support currents nearly 100 times greater than individual graphene nanoribbon devices, but with a comparable on-off ratio.

    RedOrbit News - Technology 2010

  • Here we describe a simple solution-based oxidative process for producing a nearly 100\% yield of nanoribbon structures by lengthwise cutting and unravelling of multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) side walls.

    Naturejobs - All Jobs 2009

  • Here, an electrical current is applied across a suspended graphene nanoribbon inside a high-resolution transmission electron microscope

    the Foresight Institute 2009


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