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  • New; recent: Neolithic.
  • New and different: neoimpressionism.
  • New and abnormal: neoplasm.
  • New World: Neotropical.

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  • New.
  • Having a structure, similar to that of neopentane, in which each hydrogen atom of a methyl group has been replaced by an alkyl group

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  • A prefix meaning new, recent, late; and in chemistry designating specifically that variety of metameric hydrocarbons which, when the name was applied, had been recently classified, and in which at least one carbon atom is connected directly with four other carbon atoms; -- contrasted with normal and iso-

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An element meaning ‘new,’ ‘young,’ ‘recent,’ used in many words of Greek origin or formation to denote that which is new, modern, recent, or innovating in character.

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  • adj. (used as a combining form) recent or new


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Greek, from neos, new; see newo- in Indo-European roots.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Ancient Greek prefix νεο- (neo-), from νέος (neos, "new, young").


  • Trend followers have been blogging about old master fluffers like Mark Hampton and Mario Buatta with nostalgic longing, hoping for a neo-"Dynasty" revival.

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  • After all, it is not uncommon for neo- and post-nuclear cultures to turn to pre-nuclear forms of warfareusually to settle territorial quarrels among various geopolitical entities.


  • But it took a bunch of neo- Nazis to help her figure it out. - News

  • There's nothing neo- about this band's psychedelia.

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  • "The ITS is a movement that, in accordance with its ideals, opposes any development of neo- or nanotechnology anywhere in the world, and they are linked to attacks in several different countries of Europe, including Spain and France," Castillo said.

  • As the Republican presidential candidates jockey to appeal to the G.O.P. base, their subdued reactions to developments in Libya illustrate that the neo- side of the conservative movement is in political hibernation.

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  • The BNP have too many blatant thugs and neo- criminals in their party to even come close to being a threat to anyone in a so called ?

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  • The most expensive single residential property currently for sale in Manhattan is the Woolworth Mansion, a 1916 "neo- French Renaissance" edifice on East 80th Street. -- Top News

  • The July 22 attacks are the first examples of mass murders by a right-wing extremist in Europe since 1980, when a neo- fascist group killed 85 people in Bologna and an Oktoberfest massacre in Munich left 13 dead. -- Top News

  • I'm not a neo- Nazi by any means and all I'm saying there are hateful Jews that don't share the same opinion with peaceful Jews. Top headlines


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