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  • n. A movement in French cinema in the 1960s, led by directors such as Jean Luc Godard and François Truffaut, that abandoned traditional narrative techniques in favor of greater use of symbolism and abstraction and dealt with themes of social alienation, psychopathology, and sexual love. Also called nouvelle vague.
  • n. Any of various new movements in cinema, especially one led by a group of experimental filmmakers.
  • n. An avant-garde or experimental movement, as in the arts.
  • n. Music A style of rock music popularized in the early 1980s, marked by the use of synthesizers.

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  • adj. Representing the latest and most advanced style; trendy; faddish.
  • n. A pop and rock music genre that existed during the late 1970s and the early to mid-1980s, incorporating punk beats and synthesized sounds.

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  • n. an art movement in French cinema in the 1960s
  • n. any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts)


Translation of French nouvelle vague : nouvelle, new + vague, wave.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • It bears a closer resemblance to works such as Island Life and The Geographical Distribution of Animals, published eighty years earlier by Alfred Russel Wallace, than to the new wave of biogeographical studies that came immediately after it.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • Over a horrible new wave of nausea, I asked her, “Why’ssyt’mfull’oxide?”

    I. O. U.

  • And there is a new wave of interest in results-based and output-based aid, both of which subsidize development projects using a mechanism similar to the advance market commitment for vaccines: The funding is all performance-based.

    Creative Capitalism

  • She grew up in the post-Hughes era, first on animated musicals and then on a new wave of teen flicks that set high schoolers back a few decades.

    Dont You Forget About Me

  • Do the new wave of social/web/mobile/cloud companies going public have valuations which exceeds their fundamental value by a large margin?

    Steve Blank: Are You the Fool at the Table?

  • This new wave of hope swept aside the fact that she was the "greenhorn" janitress, that she was twenty-two and dowryless, and, according to the traditions of her people, condemned to be shelved aside as an unmated thing – a creature of pity and ridicule.

    Hungry Hearts


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