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  • THE IMPACT OF MICROFINANCE BANKS TO THE NIGERIA ECONOMY the role of small scale industries in the economic development of nigeria - Development Through Enterprise - Eradicating Poverty through Profit

  • Before i used to say the power situation in nigeria is epileptic but now words cant even describe the situation.

    Global Voices in English » Light Up Nigeria: Enough Is Enough

  • March 19, 2009 7: 03 PM great interview thanks for highlighting the male child syndrome we have in nigeria

    Interview Thursday: " Every human is made to fulfill a divine purpose" - Writefreak

  • It would be interesting to read about islam in nigeria from that perspective. and because it's been a while since we had dinocorns visibly stampeding through my lj, a photo gallery of the shinnecock powwow. it doesn't get much more mythical and invisible and wildly prehistoric than this! eta: MOAR dinocorns!

    some culture for sunday

  • April 11, 2007 at 8: 44 pm | Reply personally, i live in nigeria, and we have coke in nice glass bottles, all sugar, no kidding,. its bliss in a bottle!! theres coke in plastic bottles with the hich fructose crap, and its just not the same! nothing beats ice cold coca cola in a glass bottle, with real sugar!!!!!!!!!!

    Kosher for Passover Coke: It’s the Real Thing Baby

  • August 21, 2008 1: 38 PM good for dangote and his daughter although there are questions as to the source of his wealth thru the dantata/dangote axis, at least he is one of the biggest employers in nigeria now. he reminds me of abiola as for that ndidi woman, i will not even bother

    Here and there

  • December 24, 2008 5: 15 AM how many women and young girls were actually raped in nigeria do you have any statistical data that tells how many females were actually raped in a given year its a terrible crime of course and any man that engages in that kind of behavior should be punished

    No Word for RAPE....

  • December 26, 2008 10: 49 PM the reason i asked that question is because if you say that many females under 10 or over 50 are beng raped then that is giving a negative image to many men in nigeria

    No Word for RAPE....

  • i cannot believe that somebody actually got locked up in nigeria for what they posted on a blog that is insane

    Interview Thursday: She is Awesome

  • September 5, 2008 1: 26 PM cool. u actually keep cats in nigeria. my grandma used to keep some pink ones, dont kno if she dyed them tho, but i thot they were cute. now mama'll just freak if i bring a cat home

    Cats On Tuesday: I am Scofield and I am fabulous!


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