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  • adj. Having nuances; possessed of multiple layers of detail, pattern, or meaning


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  • Linkbait has similar problems as TV news shows that interview extremists from both sides because that makes better television than interviewing moderates as they explain nuanced views.

    Quality is Still King | Managing Greatness

  • But something more nuanced is happening, a slow erosion:

    Sunday Reading

  • If the conception of the “Arabic-speaking world” had been properly nuanced from the outset, “15 Arab countries and one Israel” would have been a nonsensical thing to say in the first place.

    Matthew Yglesias » Bye, Bye Nationhood

  • I have not seen the War Within but how you could describe what looks like a piece of Agitprop to me as either subtle or nuanced is beyond me.

    Matthew Yglesias » A Touch of Swarth

  • What a banal, reductive and limiting "moral" for a novel so extraordinarily rich in nuanced dancing around doubleness of meaning, around the virtual inaccessibility of a stable and verifiable truth of the matter, around the edgy if muted excitement of female independence and imaginative play!

    Box Hill and the Limits of Realism

  • New York University journalism professor and prominent new media expert Jay Rosen was promoting the privacy debate in recent tweets and tweeted to me that the privacy debate is "nuanced" -- perhaps more nuanced than I can appreciate.

    Kirk Cheyfitz: Axing the General and the Journalist: Was Their Privacy Violated?

  • I stay with my rainbow melange of towels which makes me alternately happy in nuanced ways depending on if it’s a pink/orange/seafoam day.

    Dear Clusterflock | clusterflock

  • X people offer jobs to those they recognize, by certain nuanced clues, as members of their creative tribe, which makes people fear that they might mistransmit a code — bringing us back to Fussell’s rubric of class being announced in clothing, lifestyle, and speech.

    Class Dismissed

  • Being subtle and nuanced is a good thing, but is not desired by the Mark Steyns of the world, which is why they didn’t exactly endorse movies like “The War Within.”

    Matthew Yglesias » A Touch of Swarth

  • As in his Nobel Peace Prize speech in 2009, he outlined a doctrine for a complicated world that supporters are likely to call nuanced and critics may see as muddled.

    Obama: U.S. has 'strategic interest' in stopping Gadhafi


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