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  • n. Plural form of objective.


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  • In response to criticism from environmentalists, the company has claimed that one of its main objectives is to conserve the island's natural attractions.

    Mexico Economic Updates April 2006

  • But when such prominent planning writers as Ansoff (1965) included “expansion of product lines” and “merger” under the list of objectives while Lorange (198Oa) used the word objectives to mean strategies,7 one is not very encouraged.

    The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning

  • They all support achieving their objectives regardless of the cost, mostly because one of their objectives is always to make sure that someone else is stuck with paying those costs.

    Key groups push for Senate health care bill

  • That's what I defined as our objectives and we achieved them.

    Remarks In Press Availability In Germany

  • In an interview this week freshman Republican Rep. Tom Marino expressed concerns about the long-term objectives of the U.S. military's involvement in Libya.

    HUFFPOST HILL - Boehner Plays Down Budget Agreement

  • It can provide quick reaction funds for smaller projects, but generally in a more fragmented approach that is relatively insensitive to long-term objectives.

    Edward Corcoran: Afghanistan: Time to Build

  • "If your entire overall mission and purpose as an institution is to reduce poverty, and then you further that by saying that one of the main objectives of your energy financing is to increase access for the poor, we want to see the poor benefit," Mainhardt-Gibbs continued.

    Stephen Kretzmann: The Polluter's Newfound Concern for the Poor

  • The right wing's success in promulgating a disturbing factual relativism that relies on the most shrill, fact-free assertions possible in service of their political objectives is only possible because of the way in the supposedly liberal mainstream media, in its mindless practice of he-said, she-said journalism facilitates that strategy (here's a typical recent example).

    Jonathan Weiler: On False Equivalencies

  • He said the enemy has two main objectives: damaging people's faith and weakening their loyalty to the government.

    Geneive Abdo: Khamenei Seeks Rehabilitation in Qom

  • That year, Premier Zhu Rongji officially announced that overseas investment would be one of the main objectives of the government's Tenth Five Year Plan (2001-05), giving birth to a "go global" strategy.

    StephenGoldsmith: FDI with Chinese Characteristics


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