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  • n. Plural form of ogive.


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  • Next week sees me teaching a bunch of Supernintendross research methods with integrity taken out, so they can lie with ogives and other frequency distributions.

    See No Evil…… (at least until the next financial year) « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • The library was beautiful, high-roofed, with soaring Gothic columns that joined in ogives in the multichambered roof.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • Raymond the Heretic The high, vaulted ceiling over me was supported by ogives, those fourteenth-century architectural features in which four ribs rise from the tops of pillars, to join in double crossing arches.

    Dragonfly in Amber

  • Now the belfry of Delft, though all the upper part is of stone, yet it stands on a great pedestal (as it were) of brick -- a pedestal higher than the houses, and in this base are pierced two towering, broad, and single ogives, empty and wonderful and full of that untragic sadness which you may find also in the drooping and wide eyes of extreme old age.

    Hills and the Sea

  • Church clings to chance houses in little carven masks and occasional ogives: there is everywhere a feast for whatever in the mind is curious, searching, and reverent, and over the town, as over all the failing ports of our silting eastern seaboard, hangs the air of a great past time, the influence of the Baltic and the Lowlands.

    Hills and the Sea

  • Japanese and Moorish, cut in ogives; and festoons of coloured moons drooped round the balustrades, so that the blaze and complexity of it presented to ships a spectacle of speckled mystery, fresh to the sea.

    The Lord of the Sea

  • There were trunks open like ogives, through the orifices of which shone the blue sky; monstrous serpents coiled in groups like the spirals of a solomonic column; gigantic negroes, heads down and hands on the ground, the roots like fingers thrust deep into the soil, their feet in the air, grotesque stems with bunches of leaves springing from them.

    The Dead Command From the Spanish Los Muertos Mandan

  • Gothic ogives arranged in Byzantine cupolas; of these light Italian columns forming a circle above a bordering of Grecian caissons; of this assemblage of all forms, pointed, swelling, angular, oblong, circular and octagonal.

    Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume 7 Italy, Sicily, and Greece (Part One)

  • And who set cold white panes in place of that stained glass of gorgeous hue, which led the wondering gaze of our fathers to roam uncertain 'twixt the rose-window of the great door and the ogives of the chancel?

    Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume 3 France and the Netherlands, Part 1

  • The Virgins had faces almond-shaped, elongated like those ogives which the Gothic style contrived in order to distribute an ascetic light, a virginal dawn in the mysterious shrine of its naves.

    En Route


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