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  • n. A favorite Spanish dish, consisting of a mixture of several kinds of meat chopped fine, and stewed with vegetables.
  • n. Any incongruous mixture or miscellaneous collection; an olio.

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  • n. Spanish version of burgoo


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  • From the snippets of conversation I would overhear while trying to concentrate on the sports pages, the Goddess Movement seemed less an organized religion than an olla-podrida of all things New Age.

    Bob Wallace: The Goddesses at Starbucks

  • And in his common daily conversation, which had heretofore been a disgusting olla-podrida of the most brutal sensuality and soul-destroying imprecations, he now expatiated with vast unction upon the marvellous power of grace which had plucked him, as it were, like a brand from the burning, and delivered him from the domination of the world, the flesh and the devil!

    Ralph Rashleigh

  • The remainder of Book Two contains more pastry recipes and additional soups and stews, which reflect the international character of the region: olla-podrida and an adobado of sturgeon, a capon stew “in the Hungarian manner,” that archetypical Netherlandish specialty, the hutspot, or as Lancelot calls it, heusepot a veal stew, partridge “in the Catalan manner,” and a leg of mutton “roasted in the Irish way.”

    Savoring The Past

  • It was the principal piece in a silver service of immense size and grandeur, including large soup tureens, olla-podrida basins, platters, candelabra, pepper pots, and specialized serving dishes.

    Savoring The Past

  • It often appeared with the olla-podrida as one of the two principal firstcourse offerings.

    Savoring The Past

  • The paper contains the usual Sunday morning quota of church notices, religious news and editorial moralizing -- constituting a delectable olla-podrida calculated to turn the stomach of a self-respecting yaller dog.

    The Complete Works of Brann the Iconoclast, Volume 1.

  • It was accomplished and, as might have been expected, the result was a curious composition; a religious olla-podrida in which the profound wisdom of Zoroaster and the childish superstition of western barbarians, grand morality and monumental absurdity elbow each other like specters in a delirium -- in which is heard both

    The Complete Works of Brann the Iconoclast, Volume 1.

  • We leave this olla-podrida of nations behind, and mount into a broad street curved around the flank of the hill.

    In Seven Stages: A Flying Trip Around the World

  • What's the use of spending thought and care on the manufacture of a jewelled diadem, and offering it to the people on a velvet cushion, when they prefer an _olla-podrida_ of cast-off clothing, dried bones and candle-ends?


  • We frankly confess that, in scientific respects, we can less readily come to an understanding with this nondescript olla-podrida theology than with those who make a clean sweep of

    Christian Ethics. Volume I.���History of Ethics.


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