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  • n. One of the folds of the peritoneum that connect the stomach with other abdominal organs, especially:
  • n. The greater omentum.
  • n. The lesser omentum.

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  • n. Either of two folds of the peritoneum that support the viscera

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  • n. A free fold of the peritoneum, or one serving to connect viscera, support blood vessels, etc.; an epiploön.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In anatomy, a fold or duplication of peritoneum, of two or four peritoneal layers, passing between or hanging down from certain abdominal viscera—the stomach, liver, spleen, and colon.

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  • n. a fold of peritoneum supporting the viscera


Latin ōmentum.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • To nurture the new organ, the scientists wrapped some of the patients 'bladders with a blood-rich tissue called the omentum, which is present in people's abdominal cavities.

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  • There are some poetic moments in this essay, beautiful descriptions of organs “It [the liver] laps over the pink sweep of the stomach, from whose lower border the gauzy omentum is draped, and through which veil one sees, sinuous, slow as just-fed snakes, the indolent coils of the intestine.”

    Personal Essay Class, Week Six « So Many Books

  • The omentum, which is located next to your stomach, serves as your primary storage facility of fat, where you park some or in really bad cases all the excess foods you eat.

    You: On a Diet

  • This stomach is sustained by a large kell or caul, called omentum; which some will have the same with peritoneum, or rim of the belly.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • When our ancestors faced periods of famine, they stored fat in their bellies with an organ called the omentum.

    You Staying Young

  • I was particularly startled to glance over and see Oprah and Oz holding up two examples of a stomach-lining organ called the omentum pictured.

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  • Type 2 takes root when fat stored in the abdomen - belly fat called omentum - poisons the pancreas and causes it to stop producing insulin or the insulin in your blood cannot deliver glucose into your cells.

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  • I was particularly startled to glance over and see Oprah and Oz holding up two examples of a stomach-lining organ called the omentum (pictured).

    Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch

  • The omentum is a fatty layer of tissue located inside the belly, where it hangs underneath the muscles in your stomach (which is why some men with beer guts have hard-as-a-keg bellies - their fat is under the muscle).

    Nutrition Frenzy

  • • The T-colon and the omentum are the most common involved.

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