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on the contrary


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  • adv. opposite of what had earlier been expected or assumed

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. in opposition; on the other hand.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adv. contrary to expectations


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  • It was not aimed at the King, on the contrary the insurrectionaries professed the greatest loyalty.

    Charles Philip Yorke, Fourth Earl of Hardwicke, Vice-Admiral R.N.

  • We find no hint of any opposition in England to these French colonizing schemes, but on the contrary they were looked upon as an advantageous barrier to Spanish greed of territorial extension northward under the vicegerent's gift.

    Thomas Hariot

  • Whereas on the contrary Illustris in its proper derivation and signification expresseth that which is all resplendent, lightsome, and glorious, as well without as within, and that not with a secondary but with a primitive and original light.

    Andrew Marvell

  • Amra, who on the contrary had become a bit pale, supported one arm on the back of her chair and was looking critically out at the audience.


  • Illustrissimus erred nor used any diminution (which God forbid) to his Tzarskoy Majesty, but on the contrary after the example of the

    Andrew Marvell

  • Therefore, far from being indifferent to the external world, the higher animal is on the contrary constrained in a close and master - ful [savante] relation with it, of such fashion that its equi - librium results from a continuous and delicate compensation established as if by the most sensitive of balances ....


  • Lastly, I must add that the Rajah Brooke has never observed the least sign of a blush with the Dyaks of Borneo; on the contrary under circumstances which would excite a blush in us, they assert "that they feel the blood drawn from their faces."

    The expression of the emotions in man and animals

  • France preferably chose titles from the Incipit of the Sequence or Alleluia-verse; St. Gall and Germany on the contrary never chose titles from the Incipit of the Sequence, but used many unusual titles which to us have little or no meaning.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • Jesuits for power; on the contrary they grew in the most natural manner out of the efforts to obviate the three principal difficulties in the way of the conversion of the heathen resulting from the prevailing encomienda system, namely:

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • ‘That so far was Prignitz from the truth, in affirming that the fancy begat the nose, that on the contrary — the nose begat the fancy.’ —

    The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman


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