from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. performing or available for duties. Opposite of off-duty.
  • n. actually engaged in the performance of one's assigned task.


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  • Suit: Minn. cop back from Kuwait fired for trying to reclaim full-time job Police: Dope seeker calls on-duty St. Cloud cop trying to buy pot Opening of Cowles Center for Dance rss feed

  • Regulation of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse-gas emissions by the Environmental Protection Agency Automotive fuel-economy standards for 2017-2025 Requirement that retailers carrying store-brand products report annually whether the goods contain minerals from the Congo Derivatives regulation Reduction of 11-hour driving and 14-hour on-duty periods for truckers Allowing the Consumer Product Safety Commission to post critical reports about products on a public database Write to Elizabeth Williamson at and Jonathan Weisman at

    Obama Courts Business Support

  • If you are not on the insider track, there is a high likelihood that you will be subject to some ID checking, queuing, and excruciating sounds of rundown dot-matrix printers at the rental kiosk -- where your experience will almost entirely depend on the mood of the person on-duty.

    Dinkar Jain: Flight Brisk

  • Storie points out on the union's website that under his watch, no union police officer "has ever been convicted on charges relating to on-duty conduct."

    Jose Guerena Killed: Arizona Cops Shoot Former Marine In Botched Pot Raid

  • Prosecutors said the on-duty officers were seen on video surveillance returning to the apartment three more times and they even placed a fictitious 911 emergency call—reporting a homeless person in the building—in an attempt to provide them with cover for being there.

    Officers Fired After Acquittal On Rape Count

  • Aldermaston's on-duty emergency controller was "overwhelmed by the demands of the incident and unable to effectively provide the information required".

    Firefighters criticised after blaze at nuclear weapons plant

  • That sets up the scenario of on-duty officers order their police brethren out of the building Sunday, or removing them if they won't go on their own.

    Deadline nears to clear Wisconsin Capitol

  • Moreno and Mata responded and helped her into the apartment, before returning to her home three more times while on-duty.

    After Acquittal in Rape Case, a Prison Term

  • A 10-year-old Australian girl on a family vacation was killed when a car driven by an on-duty New York City public-housing supervisor broadsided the minivan she was in, authorities and family friends said Monday.

    Crash Involved City Worker

  • When it came to deciding the future of American troops in Iraq, the irreconcilable difference that stood in the way of an agreement was a demand by Iraqi politicians for an end to the grant of immunity that has protected on-duty U.S. soldiers from Iraqi courts.

    Robert Naiman: Stop the War on Christmas: Cease Fire in Afghanistan


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