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  • In the book they launch orion, which is a design for a spacecraft that is propelled by nuclear bombs.

    nessus Diary Entry

  • There had been much concern over the health and mental status of the Teleprompter over the last few months as many - that is to say many in the alternative press - had began to notice that the Teleprompter was directing Official Teleprompter Spokesperson (OTS) Buraq Obama to mispronounce words such as orion (oar-ee-on), corps man (corpse man) and most recently highly offend a delegation of dignitaries from Phuket, Thailand.

    Latest Articles

  • Shirley's comments were somewhat coherent, unlike the lunatic rantings of "orion".

    Chicago Reader

  • Yeah, and it's because of people like you orion that nobody reads anymore.

    Wet and Wild Montana Moose

  • I mean just the computer on the LM and CM will be % 75 smaller with 100 times the computing power .. theres less wieight right there .. the launch abort system for the new orion space capsules is the same as apollo.

    What To Do About Ares 1 - NASA Watch

  • I thought the sidemount solution included orion therfore eliminating the need for Ares.

    Today's Video: NASA Shuttle-derived Sidemount Heavy Launch Vehicle Concept - NASA Watch

  • So maybe a list of the Open/Deferred actions from the Ares PDR would be a start??? well how about ARMD chose the shape of orion after being contacted by ESMD because Constellation does not have this skill mix but it claims it is there accomplishment.

    Jeff Hanley's Latest Update From the Denial Zone - NASA Watch

  • When will a LEADER emerge to lead this leaderless herd of elephants? orion

    McConnell: There's a bailout fund in current Wall St. reform bill

  • It is best to try and drum up support for the MOON program I agree. altair orion ares rover and Pooof NOTHING exist.

    Altair Concept RFP Hits The Street - NASA Watch

  • This is nothing more then a trade study funded to the tune of billons that will never meet any form of budget constrant or imposed schedule. altair, orion, ares are just a bunch of legos in the puzzle that will never be built.

    Orion Slims Down - NASA Watch


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