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  • prefix External to, on the outside of
  • prefix Toward the outside of, away from
  • prefix Surpassing, exceeding
  • prefix Greater than, beyond
  • prefix Completely
  • prefix this sense?) (out-A A) Surpass even A in the well known characteristics of A. Written with a hyphen.


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From Middle English ut-, from Old English ūt- ("out, without, outside") (also as ūta-, ūtan- ("from or on the outside, without"), as in ūtanweard ("outward, external")), from Proto-Germanic *ūt- (“out-”). Cognate with Dutch uit-, German aus-, Swedish ut-, Icelandic út-. More at out.


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  • Dow: It's not eating disorders and it's not out- /inpatient based addiction, which focuses mainly on drugs and alcohol and now a little bit sex.

    Freaky Eaters' Dr. Mike Dow and JJ Virgin: People Tune In for the Freak Factor 2011

  • The chatter in the blogosphere was had Putin out- Berlusconi-ed Berlusconi?

    Vladimir Putin: does he use Botox? 2011

  • The ‘efficiency quotient’ given as net migration divided by gross migration i.e. the sum of in- and out- migration without regard to sign is practically zero.

    The Population of the United States Douglas L. Anderton 1997

  • At some point in the last couple of years--we would place it sometime after Lehman Brothers went down but before the automakers were bailed out-

    The Washington Post: National, World & D.C. Area News and Headlines - The Washington Post Hayley Tsukayama 2011

  • They discovered thefts after more than two years not because library patrons could not locate books they wanted to check out- but because the thief accidently left his "notebook list of books stolen" on a counter.

    News - 2011

  • Hope for Change is out- most people have had more than enough hope, and want a change. Top headlines 2011

  • The Weekly Standard Juanmanuelsotoarg 4 minutes ago 11:46 PM for sure the wimpy dem leaders will cave in...they dont understand that the repubs are in this game for ­e repubs are playing hard ball and the dems have not figured that out-

    The Full Feed from Mitchell Bard 2011

  • As Election Day draws near, those who support Senate Bill 5 have also attracted out- of-state assistance. 2011

  • To that end, the president has embarked on a series of out- of-town trips, pitching his $447 billion proposal to create jobs directly to the American people even as Republicans in Washington -- and some Democrats -- have said they won't pass it. -- Top News 2011

  • I never realized how massive it was until it was cleared out- stripped of the shelves, tables, merchandise racks filled with pretty journals and CDs, seating areas, and of course the employees, customers and books.

    NPR Topics: News 2011


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