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  • After everything that had happened this year, after Tet, Johnson's resignation, McCarthy's campaign, Martin Luther King's death, Bobby Kennedy's campaign and death, and four months of futile Paris peace talks — after all that, both parties were to have prowar stances.

    1968 the Year that Rocked the World

  • In late November, Australia also hosted peace talks in Cairns which resulted in the "Caims Commitment", an important milestone in the peace process.

    Visit to Papua New Guinea

  • Whereas in Indonesia, peace talks with the Acehnese armed opposition group GAM intensify and lead to a cease-fire and ultimately a successful peace agreement, in Sri Lanka the initial signs of cooperation between the army and the Tamil Tigers in assisting casualties and retrieving and exchanging wounded and diseased persons are soon overtaken by old political antipathies.

    A Billion Lives

  • State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said in a statement released Sunday that first round of indirect peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians has been completed and that the first round of so-called proximity talks mediated by the United States was "serious and wide-ranging."


  • Since Nixon had revealed the existence of the peace talks nine months before, Kissinger no longer had to sneak around Paris with disguises provided by U.S. military attach General Vernon Walters.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • De Gaulle was growing anxious about law and order on the streets of Paris because the Paris peace talks on resolving the Vietnam conflict were due to begin.

    1968 the Year that Rocked the World

  • The Paris peace talks opened on January 1, 1919, bringing together Feisal, T.E. Lawrence, Chaim Weizmann, and the other authorities charged with hammering out policy and boundaries, while in the Middle itself, unrest continued to seethe in a climate of tragic misunderstanding coupled with basic disagreement.

    O Jerusalem

  •     The offer of peace talks came after a year of semi-regular fighting along the northern desert borders of the Sword Marches

    The Brothers' War

  • With the enemy withdrawn and peace talks under way, “my original Motives have ceased to operate.”

    Robert Morris


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