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  • Ours is a picture of a lamb—sweet, fuzzy, pink-eared—and his open mouth is covered in what appears to be blood.

    Seeing Double: A Photography Power Couple

  • Mystery bird: pink-eared duck, Malacorhynchus membranaceus

    7,000-year-old timbers found beneath MI6 Thames headquarters

  • Sometimes called bay ducks, pochards – the tribe Aythyini – are one of four clades that together make up Anatinae, the true duck group (the other anatine clades are Malacorhynchini [pink-eared ducks], Anatini [surface-feeding ducks] and Mergini [seaducks]).

    The Madagascar pochard returns

  • For Lopsy, the crafty Setter, she selected a White Rabbit's artless, pink-eared visage.

    Peace on Earth, Good-will to Dogs

  • And I wasn't one of those pink-eared shivery little white mice who could be intimidated into tears by a frown of disapproval from my imperial mate.

    The Prairie Mother

  • "Sick 'em, Pete!" cried Mandy, when she found her arms pinioned; and at once there darted out from under the cart a hairy little demon of a dog, mute, mongrelish, pink-eared, which began silent havoc with the corporal's legs.

    The Way of a Man

  • Before their altercation was over, for it lasted till the early morning, in rushed Rosamond, clutching in her hand a poor little white rabbit, of which she was very fond, and from which, only because it would not come to her when she called it, she was pulling handfuls of fur in the attempt to tear the squealing, pink-eared, red-eyed thing to pieces.

    A Double Story

  • As one lakes region comes to life, another is saved from death OUT at the Menindee Lakes, the drought-parched land is turning green, the pink-eared ducks and gray teal are arriving and the mammals are breeding.

    The Australian | News |

  • Porter nearly lost his right paw from a deep bone infection when the wrinkly-faced, pink-eared French bulldog was a puppy.

    Press of Atlantic City: Editorials

  • In another of mankind's brilliant ideas, the Daytona city fathers combined Bike Week with Spring Break, youthful innocence with hardened depravity, the virgin with the rapist, the pink-eared rabbit with the yellow-eyed wolf, the



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