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  • n. The inner region of the magnetosphere, containing relatively cold, dense plasma, above the ionosphere


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  • But when she hit the outer fringes of the ionosphere -- that upper layer of rarified protons, the rapidly moving current of high velocity ions known as the plasmasphere -- she bucked like a kicked horse.

    Unwise Child

  • The plasmasphere here is relatively "dense" and culturally speaking, pretty low-energy.

    Matthew Anderson: America's Folly

  • I., Comparison of the measured and modelled electron densities and temperatures in the ionosphere and plasmasphere during 20-30 January 1993, Annales Geophysicae, Vol.

    IPCC and Solar Correlations « Climate Audit

  • The discovery of the phenomena of the reduced and nonlocal electron temperature conductivity of the plasmasphere and the topside ionosphere Pavlov et al., 2000 solves this problem.

    IPCC and Solar Correlations « Climate Audit

  • The additional heating of electrons found brings the measured and modelled Te into agreement in the plasmasphere and into very large disagreement in the topside ionosphere up to 1000-2000 K if the classical Spitzer-Harm electron heat flux is used.

    IPCC and Solar Correlations « Climate Audit

  • The plasmasphere of Eisberg differed from that of Earth in two ways.

    Unwise Child

  • "We'll have a bitch of a job getting through the plasmasphere, though," said the chief.

    Unwise Child

  • And, since there was no ozonosphere to block out the UV radiation from the primary, the thickness of the ionosphere beneath the plasmasphere was greater.

    Unwise Child

  • "While the constant flow of solar wind particles propagates at an average speed of 500 km/s, the wave front propagation speed was more than 1200 km/s at geostationary orbit (36,000 km altitude) compared to 660 km/s in the plasmasphere", says Qiugang Zong lead author of the paper describing this result.


  • BoundingSphere plasmasphere = new BoundingSphere (); plasmasphere.

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