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  • n. Plural form of platypus.


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  • "They are of a tribe called platypi, " he informed his companions, -who are noted for their love of privacy.

    The Lives of Felix Gunderson

  • God is currently considering a plan B, and, SPOILER ALERT, it involves platypi.


  • Squirrels, platypus (what is the plural? platypi?) moose, seals, siberian tigers - no animal is safe from this curmudgeon's ire.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • There were also koalas, several platypi (one of whom flaunted a gold ring through its leathery beak), a couple of raonjons who'd woven wicked-looking metal barbs into their tufted tails, a trio of spear-carrying emus, similarly equipped cassowaries, diminutive possums wearing dark shades to protect their sensitive eyes against the daylight, and at least one squadron composed entirely of dingoes.

    The Lives of Felix Gunderson

  • Colloquially and in some dictionaries, “platypi” is also used, although this really is cod-Latin.

    Has anyone noticed? | clusterflock

  • The blacks had shown him holes in trees, out of which they chopped opossums; the lairs of kangaroos; the pool where a couple of egg-laying, duck-billed platypi dwelled; and trees bearing a kind of plum, and others with nuts: but no signs of Leather.

    First in the Field A Story of New South Wales

  • LICHTMAN: I have a question about that, because when we were in your office, one thing that amazed me is that you had so many interests, I mean from metals to lemurs to platypi...

    NPR Topics: News

  • His might upholds the weak. doesn't get what livemelifefree sees in platypi.

    WarCry Network : Latest News

  • The retail store! government_death_rob: dialing now. expecting sweet nothings. johnlenin: people are needed to pretend to be fans for the duration of the show. if you think you're up to it call 1-800-cock-ass trickbear: Volunteers needed for Springsteen's Super Bowl halftime show government_death_rob: how do platypi contribute?

  • When you sign up through that link above and respond to the confirmation email, I make a bit of loose change. government_death_rob: how do platypi contribute?


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