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  • Come one plouffe don't tell the liberal secret in public.

    Plouffe: Palin would be 'catastrophic' as 2012 GOP nominee 2009

  • Pay plouffe 80 gazillion dollars to stuff something down our throats that we most assuredly do not want and we get the privilege of underwriting his efforts “on our behalf” … great.

    New White House strategy: Sauve Qui Peut. - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState 2010

  • Facts are boring and they need to get to the next story before everyone's A.D.D. kicks in. on 11/04/2009, -1/+10you clearly didnt see his interview with david plouffe last night

    Original Signal - Transmitting Digg 2009

  • Additionally, be thankful you don't look like a Plouffe, and that you're not supporting a candidate who is a MAJOR plouffe.

    Latest Articles 2008

  • #329 glogrrl-au contraire … Rove powned Plouffe … completely dismantled him and all plouffe had was vitriol on the past … here, watch it for yourself …

    Think Progress » Fox ‘News’ cheerleads for Tea Party protesters. 2010

  • CLARK, CLARK, CLARK, CLARK, if barack and david axelrod and david plouffe and robert gibbs and valerie jarrett if they r so smart and very strategic they would know whutz best for him, grab GEN. WESLEY CLARK, john wayne mccbush said he knows how to win wars, name me 1 war this muthafucka won? clark on the other hand won a war and was wounded wit 4 rounds in him and saved 1.6 million albanians lives wit out 1 american soldier gettin hurt!!!!

    McCain: I'm Questioning Obama's Patriotism? Moi? Never! 2009

  • | Reply | Permalink another reason for me to love david plouffe; i'm glad that he thinks these folks are as full of crap as i do. as for the debate about not "shunning" these outlets, i don't think they shunned any outlet really during the campaign, no matter how absurd; i mean they talked to fox & that's as absurd as they come; but i don't doubt that he thought they were idiotic and not worth reading on a regular basis. anyway i love david plouffe, he just seems like such a no nonsense, says things even if they aren't necessarily tactful kind of guy; he's the only person i've heard call straightforward bullshit on the fundraising meme & say it nice and plain that the mccain camp was "hardly destitute" & certainly not limited to the $84 million like the CW would like to pretend.

    Report: Obama Campaign Manager Disdained Mark Halperin, Politico 2009

  • "zone_info": "huffpost. politics/blog; politics = 1; nickname = mike-smith; entry_id = 204234; @ypolitics = 1; advertising = 1; barack-obama = 1; clifford-franklin = 1; david-plouffe = 1; donny-deutsch = 1; hillary-clinton = 1; obama-election-day = 1; political-advertising = 1",

    Mike Smith: David Plouffe: Just Wanted Obama Campaign to be "Credible" 2009

  • "zone_info": "huffpost. entertainment/blog; entertainment = 1; featured-posts = 1; nickname = bill-mann; entry_id = 341615; barack-obama-2008 = 1; cnn = 1; david-axelrod = 1; david-plouffe = 1; hillary-clinton-2008 = 1",

    Bill Mann: HBO's Revealing Obama Film Goes Behind Campaign Scenes 2009

  • "zone_info": "huffpost. politics/blog; featured-posts = 1; politics = 1; nickname = ari-melber; entry_id = 345741; 2009-elections = 1; arianna-huffington = 1; barack-obama = 1; bipartisanship = 1; david-plouffe = 1; obama = 1; russ-feingold = 1",

    Ari Melber: The Right Campaign Metrics for Obama's Promises and Performance 2009


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