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  • n. A close quarter combat weapon with the main fighting part of the weapon placed on the end of a long shaft, typically of wood.


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  • He wore a long leather duster and had a polearm of some kind slung over his shoulder and a pistol on his hip in a holster strapped on over his jeans.


  • All that was left to Hamuul was to protect the three—no, he amended as another orc impaled Renferal with a polearm, pinning her to the earth—two night elf druids who still survived.

    The Shattering

  •   Paul was lean and muscular, but he held no illusion of winning in unarmed gladiatorial combat: Rheena resembled a purple tank, her sides flapping over her legs like jowly sheets of steel, and that spike loomed on her nose like some fearsome medieval polearm.

    True Love and the Giraffe

  • Homer considered the Thracians a nation of horsemen; Thucydides respected their daggers; Romans feared their polearm.

    The Spartacus War

  • I need a laser polearm viking wookie action figure NOW

    Cleaning out the My Pictures folder

  • I've not been able to get laser polearm viking wookie out of my dreams since you posted this.

    Cleaning out the My Pictures folder

  • Dave, where's the laser polearm viking wookie pic from?

    Cleaning out the My Pictures folder

  • I eliminated the 2 spears in front of me and left the polearm, so another spear wouldn't come up soon.

    roland Diary Entry

  • At least I now have my last weapon authorization, polearm.

    roland Diary Entry

  • Standing on the beach as evening fell over the island, his polearm resting in the crook of one arm.



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