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  • n. A political organization that subscribes to a certain ideology and seeks to attain political power through representation in government.

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  • n. an organization to gain political power


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  • So strong a political factor did the men of Oregon recognize us to be that every political party in the state asked to be represented on our platform; and one entire evening of the convention was given over to the representatives chosen by the various parties to indorse the suffrage movement.

    The Story of a Pioneer

  • The following year Stokely Carmichael went to Mississippi intending to form a local black political party in one of the counties there.

    1968 the Year that Rocked the World

  • Nothing is more dangerous for a political party than to be led by those jacks-of-all-trades who want everything but can never really achieve anything.

    Mein Kampf

  • Liquor-dealers, joint-keepers, "boot-leggers," and all the lawless element of Kansas swung into line at a special convention held under the auspices of the Liquor League of Kansas City, and cast their united weight against suffrage by threatening to deny their votes to any candidate or political party favoring our Cause.

    The Story of a Pioneer

  • On the other hand, when the ticket was "scratched" the vote was usually in our favor, whatever political party the man belonged to.

    The Story of a Pioneer

  • These, with many other questions, which were termed abuses, raised up a political party the members whereof came to be known as Radicals, and who, later, were stigmatized by the opposing party as Rebels.

    Life in Canada Fifty Years Ago

  • The writer sat in the visitors 'gallery of the Reichstag when the Socialists were protesting against the torturing of miserable Herreros in Africa, and he heard the deputies of the Holy Father's political party screaming their rage like jaguars in a jungle night.

    The Profits of Religion: An Essay in Economic Interpretation

  • Though of eminent importance, they are, however, so unclearly defined in form that they rise above the value of a more or less acceptable opinion only if they are fitted into the framework of a political party as basic elements.

    Mein Kampf

  • Under conditions prevailing at the moment, it appears to be His decree that we shall store the wheat in elevators, and ship it in freight cars, and buy it through a grain exchange, with capital borrowed from a national bank; in other words, that our daily bread shall be the plaything of exploiters and speculators, until such a time as we have the intelligence to form an effective political party and establish Industrial Democracy.

    The Profits of Religion: An Essay in Economic Interpretation

  • Mathews was kind enough not to dwell on the notion of Castro holding up the revolution until the spring semester was over, but he was discouraging, so instead di Suvero stayed at Berkeley that year and became one of the founders of the student political party SLATE, which was the beginning of activism on that campus.

    1968 the Year that Rocked the World


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