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  • n. Any organic compound having three or more hydroxyl functional groups; a polyhydric alcohol.


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From poly- + -ol.


  • Maltitol is another sugar alcohol also called a polyol that has a long history of use, particularly in candies recommended for diabetics, and is considered to be natural but has a more pronounced laxative effect than the other sugar alcohols.

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  • That complex polymer with multiple alcohol groups quickly becomes known as the polyol, which then becomes molecule

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  • Crate & Barrel's Lockport Sofa & Chairs are filled with Preserve ™, a flexible polyurethane foam that utlizies BiOH polyol derived from soybeans.

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  • Glycerol is undoubtedly the most prevalent polyol found in insects, but other compounds, such as ethylene glycol, sorbitol, and mannitol are also found in some species.

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  • Internal consumption of PA increased on higher polyol volumes.

  • The improvement was largely due to the 12 percent increase in polyol volume coupled with improved margins, particularly in Europe, which had experienced margin erosion over the last year as commodity raw material costs escalated.

  • The sold out demand for polyol at our German plant will continue to require imports from our

  • Sales volume of polyol, used primarily in rigid foam insulation rose by 12 percent.

  • We anticipate continued strong demand for polyol used in replacement roofs driven by energy savings and expanded use in metal panel applications.

  • Jishen will then supply the HPPO to Huntsman for its polyol plant.

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