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  • n. All the equipment, including structural members, that constitutes a unit power source: the power plant of a truck.
  • n. A complex of structures, machinery, and associated equipment for generating electric energy from another source of energy, such as nuclear reactions or a hydroelectric dam. Also called powerhouse, power station.

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  • n. A station built for the production of electric power; a power station.
  • n. The portion of a vehicle devoted to providing energy for motion; the engine or motor.

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  • n. an electrical generating station


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  • It occurs to me that of the many millions lent to Yugoslavia by the World Bank — that is to say, by the United States — only one little million is being spent in Montenegro, for a dam and power plant just above Titograd, not three kilometers from here.

    The Black Mountain

  • Percey Clay, honors engineering major, certified airframe and power plant mechanic, and holder of every license the Federal Aviation Agency could bestow on pilots, had no time for superstition.

    The Coffin Dancer

  • In Singrauli, India, I met villagers who had been kicked off their land “involuntary resettlement,” in World Bank speak in order to make room for a World Bank–funded coal-fired power plant complex.


  • "The Arachne colonists will be moving their power plant about thirty kilometers further downstream," Pankau said, handing Roman the tapes and signed papers to be filed into the Dryden's official records.


  • An orbiting solar power plant had to have a receiver.

    I Don’t Understand ?

  • "And the spider-leg connectors are there to tether both of them to the operations center and power plant in the middle," Hanan added.


  • This private company decided to continue with Camm's project as a private venture, an experi - ment to be run parallel with another similar one, the Rolls-Royce P. V12 aero engine, which, under the name Merlin, was eventually to become the power plant of the Hurricane.

    The HurricaneStory

  • Steel magnate Navin Jindal is on a week-long visit to Bolivia to give a push to his plans of investing $ 2.1 billion in the next few years in mining and setting up an integrated 1.7 MTPA steel plant, a 6 MTPA sponge iron plant, a 10 MTPA iron ore pellet plant and a 450 mw power plant in the South American nation.

    Morning News Roundup

  • Then he drove by the turnpike's piece de resistance, its cause célèbre if you will — an enormous industrial power plant between exits 12 and 13 that closely resembled the futuristic nightmare world in the beginning of the Terminator movies.

    Drop Shot

  • The recco on the tenth took him as far north as the Changjin Chosin Reservoir, where a British-owned power plant was a prime target, though the group would later learn of an agreement between London and Washington to keep the plant intact.

    First Man


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