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  • adj. Now in existence or progress; current: present-day attitudes about the family.

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  • adj. in existence now; current or contemporary

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  • adj. belonging to the present time


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  • Not an angle as in one of the three composing a triangle, but Angle as in the Angles, who migrated from their tribal territory, Angeln, in an area overlapping present-day Denmark and Germany, to Britain.

    The English Is Coming!

  • This region, called the Pontic Steppe, included part of present-day Ukraine, a portion of southwestern Russia, and a piece of Kazakhstan.

    The English Is Coming!

  • While "The Buried Mirror" focuses on the relationship between Spain and Mexico, it serves to inform present-day Mexico.

    Page 2

  • The basic similarity between late Rome and present-day America is that in each case manmade political and social developments seriously damaged a formerly robust commercial world, leading to enormous disparities in wealth and opportunity.

    The Decline And Fall Of The American Empire?

  • None of these things would be a present-day truth had it not been for American workers dedicated to justice for each of us, even at the expense of their lives.

    Kevin Powell: Made in America: Unemployment and Labor Day

  • Similarly, there are strong economic nationalist sentiments among many of the present-day Tea Party activists that blame China and other emerging markets for America's economic woes.

    Leon T. Hadar: Post-Midterms Foreign Policy: Will They Make a Difference?

  • Certainly the next question that will be upon the minds of many following from this event will pertain to the future possibility of some sort of papal celebration of these same liturgical rites, be it a public papal Low Mass, the Missa coram Summo Pontifice, the Solemn Papal Mass, or even some development of these in the light of present-day circumstances.

    Some Considerations of the Lateran Mass of Cardinal Cañizares

  • But who would believe that in the 18th century—when trade routes across the Atlantic had been established for two centuries and colonial roads stretched well into the South American continent—a group of scientists traveling from France to the area of present-day Ecuador would require almost 40 years for all the members to complete the trip?

    An Expedition Without End

  • But defying the convention of contemporary design, the Warringah House looks as modern as any other lavish present-day home by just using loads of timber and sandstone with elegant ease.

    Sao Paulo Exotic Villa by Isay Weinfeld

  • Penned by Robert Griffiths, head of the present-day Communist party, it concluded: Gordon McLennan will be remembered by many as a modest, polite comrade with a lively sense of humour.

    Hugh Muir's Diary


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