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  • n. A mechanical device that cuts complex, irregular shapes by tracing a pattern.
  • n. A person who creates a profile for something or someone, especially a psychological profile for an unknown criminal.
  • n. A software program that measures the performance of different portions of another program in order to locate bottlenecks.

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  • n. A profiling-machine; a machine for cutting a profile on an edge by passing a rotating cutter along the edge while a former or guide compels the cutter to reproduce a predetermined outline on the work.


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profile +‎ -er


  • After the runaway success of Jacobson’s first Karen Vail novel, The 7th Victim, our impressive FBI profiler is back in the fantastic follow-up, Crush.

    2010 February 21 « The BookBanter Blog

  • The 34-year-old psychiatrist analyzes criminal behavior and is the only so-called profiler at Japan's National Police Agency (NPA).

    Wanted: Police Who Think Like Killers

  • Steve Sailer's iSteve Blog: British surname profiler skip to main

    British surname profiler

  • This year, we decided to focus on the new profiler, which is a new tool for the Windows Phone developer.

    Site Home

  • It's also worth noting how the V4 CLR decides whether a profiler is a V2 or V4 profiler in the first place.

    Site Home

  • A profiler is a performance analysis tool that measures the behavior of a program as it executes, particularly the frequency and duration of function calls. articles, news and updates

  • You can then directly call the profiler control from your code as shown in the below code snippet.

    The Code Project Latest Articles

  • Next, copy the development configuration block in config / database. yml and create a new block called profiler profiler: adapter: mysql encoding: utf8 database: YOUR_DATABASE username: YOUR_USERNAME password: YOUR_PASSWORD socket: / tmp / mysql. sock

    Don't Forget to Plant It!

  • GERAGOS: They are now bringing in a profiler which is something totally different than what interviews are.

    CNN Transcript Jul 25, 2001

  • Click on the 'Guns in America' link above left and open the 'State by State Gun Laws and Fatalities': are our taxpayer dollars paying this "profiler" ... no shiite he was seeking "ssweet revenge" ... thats the motive behind every mass shooting rtist4merlyknwndannyc1975 at 11: 33 AM: Apr 5, 2009

    Breaking News: CBS News


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