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  • n. Plural form of projectile.


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  • It is true that the Quds Forces, which answer to the Revolutionary Guard, have been sending explosively-formed -- what they call projectiles -- into Iraq to try to kill Americans.

    CNN Transcript Feb 18, 2007

  • If you want something to hurl 225 grain projectiles, get a .35 Whelen or .358 Norma Mag!

    While sighting in our .300 Weatherby's this weekend,something happened that we couldn't explain.

  • It is a White .45 cal. muzzleloader that shoots 460 grain projectiles very well.

    The .375 H&H: Fraud or Scam?

  • I used to use 165 grain projectiles in a .300 Weatherby because of the "hotrod" numbers and the flat trajectory.

    Two Cases Where Bigger Isn't Better

  • The 12 ga. slug, like most bullet projectiles, is designed to create shocking destruction when it hits a surface.

    Whitetail Two-For: Ohio archer bagged two deer with one arrow

  • These investigations led to numerous small contributions to the journals for Swiss physicians, a lecture to the general session of the International Medical Congress in Rome in April 1874 on the improvement of projectiles from the humane point of view, and two larger works: Über

    Theodor Kocher - Biography

  • I was anticipated here by J.J. Thomson who in the very paper in which he published the confirmation of my experiments showed that once the electrification of the rays had been demonstrated, it was easy to obtain the velocity and the charge of the projectiles from the action of the electrical field and the magnetic field.

    Jean Baptiste Perrin - Nobel Lecture

  • I mean, correcting unruly children in restaurants by turning them into projectiles is sound advice — don’t you think?

    2005 December :

  • Indeed, Petraeus was quick to label the projectiles "Iranian-provided, Iranian-made rockets."

    Delusionary, Dancing Bush

  • It's the lose debris that if we do see these very high winds could act or serve as what you might call projectiles around the neighborhood, wood, doors, shutters could be flying in that type of wind.

    CNN Transcript Jul 10, 2005


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