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  • v. Present participle of promulgate.


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  • The right wing's success in promulgating a disturbing factual relativism that relies on the most shrill, fact-free assertions possible in service of their political objectives is only possible because of the way in the supposedly liberal mainstream media, in its mindless practice of he-said, she-said journalism facilitates that strategy (here's a typical recent example).

    Jonathan Weiler: On False Equivalencies

  • The risks of a trade war really militate against being stupidly aggressive in promulgating buy America rules.

    Matthew Yglesias » Buying American

  • The problem is that in promulgating their pet theories, they go far beyond the limits of the evidence.

    Primary sources of Maya history - part three

  • On the other hand, I also recognize that unless someone, somewhere, takes the lead in promulgating constitutionalist ideas that are inherently

    Notes on Nobelity

  • The expressions «outlawry of war» and «to outlaw war» originated with Salmon O. Levinson, an American who had great success at the end of WWI in promulgating his ideas on making war illegal.

    The Nobel Peace Prize 1929 and 1930 - Presentation Speech

  • Of course, given that they are also "promulgating" the usual Ayn Rand nonsense that gave us people like "three-failures-and-you-are-out" Alan Greenspan, maybe they are just financed by the "corrupt financial oligarch" circles.

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • Using the word "promulgating" must be above Obama's pay grade.

    Latest Articles

  • One week after promulgating rules to open up the decision-making process for documentaries to be considered for an Academy Award, the Los Angeles-based Phase One committee and the Foreign Language Award Executive committee of the Motion Picture Academy announced its shortlist of proposed nominees yesterday.

    Michael Rose: Academy Turns Its Back on Film Exploring the Failure of the War on Drugs

  • In a seeming cave to industry pressure, Obama announced he'd instructed EPA to delay changing the ozone standard until 2013 out of concern that promulgating a new standard would slow the economy and stifle job growth.

    Bill Chameides: Obama: A No-Go on Ozone

  • I find your editorial, "Obama's Rules Revelation" Jan. 19 quite revealing related to the rules the Environmental Protection Agency is promulgating.

    President Obama's Rules Reform Is Nothing of the Sort


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