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  • Movies used to be all the rage, but seems like most new movies really bite. correct me if I'm wrong. puddleglum (Anonymous) says … stories: News

  • Fatheadff - puddleglum (Anonymous) says … lawrence and stabbings? what gives? another good reason for concealed carry. skinny (Anonymous) says … fatheadff, stories: News

  • This could become available as a dedicated City of Lawrence puddleglum (Anonymous) says … enough of this judiciary regulation! if the parents 'kids can't afford the schooling, don't have children. stories: News

  • Uncle Sam will tax you in another way so you can't afford anything. puddleglum (Anonymous) says … this isn't fair. government regulation out of my lungs now! government regulation off my property! stories: News

  • A little touch of color and personality on a pretty soulless commercial building. puddleglum (Anonymous) says … stories: News

  • "Iran is just like the fringe-right crazies in the US: the louder their rhetoric, the weaker their hand." puddleglum (Anonymous) says … let 'em get some nukes. we haven't used ours-as far as I am concerned, our nukes and minuteman missles have been nothing more than a waste of tax payer money. unsavoryagent (Anonymous) says … stories: News

  • Now the only thing that would make this story complete would be a vigil with a Confederate flag and a few liquor bottles strewn about. puddleglum (anonymous) says ... well, they were arrested in Topeka, then the raid in rural eastern lawrence .... stories: News

  • Aldrich said the Jayhawks were not surprised by either Carolina's surge or their answer to that run. puddleglum (anonymous) says ... man, that was one of the sweetest wins ever. cole was the man! stories: News

  • This is what happens when the older eastside neighborhoods get stuck subsidizing the new growth that is not paying back the taxpayers. puddleglum (anonymous) says ... yes it was a huge hole, I ran right over it and it jarred my teeth so hard-if I had been talking, I would have bit off my tongue. stories: News

  • As I've said before, Tom, you're either a parody of "right-thinkers," or you have fatally flawed cognitive abilities. puddleglum (anonymous) says ... i'm all for some aspects of reform, but I don't like the idea of requiring everyone to stories: News


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