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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of razz.


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  • He said Baron Robertson, then a freshman, was walking off the field when some older students "razzed" him.


  • After each song, the other classes cheered the singers, except when the sophomores and freshmen sang: they always "razzed" each other.

    The Plastic Age

  • I kind of razzed Brown a little afterwards, saying he oughta know since he had family experience in the zero wins thing.

    The Seattle Times

  • Haas laughed and said he hasn't gone into the store lately because he gets "razzed" about it too much.


  • And finally, Annata is worried she might be embarrassed if the other guys found out – it might diminish her stature as a spirital leader in the party, generate jealousy, or just get her razzed more.

    Hot Girl On Girl Action In Our D&D Campaign? « Geek Related

  • And speaking of bare-chested: In the next bit, Bergeron nicks chief judge Len Goodman for having razzed Mark the night before.

    'The Situation' bids 'Dancing With the Stars' a classy farewell as he's eliminated

  • New connections are made, rumors of player ratings are shared and argued over, and when the new order recipients emerge from a side door to squeeze between us and form a third line, they are celebrated and razzed simultaneously.

    Jeff Polman: Of Dice and Men

  • After 25 years of perfect attendance, Ed Batka , 59, a compounding specialist at the company's Los Angeles facility, says I get razzed once in a while.

    26 Years on the Job and Not One Sick Day

  • She, or he (who says it's a she anyway?), I am sure is a very pleasant person and doesn't deserve to be razzed on THNTS and at home by her/his significant other.

    The fire alarm

  • Manny invented a black hole; Joel suggested the bottle landed perfectly in a raccoon's yawning mouth; I just razzed, That's the stupidest bullshit I ever heard.

    Richard B. Woodward: We The Animals: Novel Of The Year?


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