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  • adj. Alternative spelling of ready-made.
  • n. Alternative spelling of ready-made.


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  • The term readymade art was first used around 1915 and referred to art that was made out of old stuff.

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  • The readymade was the key that unlocked this 20th-century version of a Pandora's Box - a box that hasn't come close to shutting yet.

    Fore, right!

  • French women don't romantically just sniff at the perfect pungent melon; to paraphrase Marcel Duchamp's word invention, they also have a knack for buying the right "readymade".

    Barbara Probst Solomon: On Julie & Julia, the Fake Movieland France and My Non-Buttery Menu

  • Later pieces like Duchamp's "Bicycle Wheel," which consists of a bicycle wheel on top of a wooden stool, were built using what he called "readymade" materials, or mass-produced objects he could purchase.

    Duchamp's Secret Masterpiece

  • Marcel Duchamp's "readymade" objects, Man Ray's experimental photography and Picabia's unconventional collages revolutionized the art world.

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  • "Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia" features more than 400 works by three of the founding fathers of the DADA art movement during World War I. Marcel Duchamp's iconic "readymade" art, as well as photography by Man Ray and paintings and collages by Francis Picabia are on display.

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  • My aunt once sent me the "readymade" bhel pack but it all tasted of plastic.


  • Natural stone is perhaps the oldest, most abundant and most durable "readymade" building material, found predominantly in hilly areas.

    Chapter 4

  • At the store's entrance, a striking display pays homage to the original ennobler of found objects, Marcel Duchamp, and features a samovar from Avsar's native Turkey, a tricycle, an amputated tea table, and, in a nod to Duchamp, a "readymade" bottle drier.


  • It can also be seen in the work of other contemporary artists, Wayne White for example, who paints advertising slogans and colloquial expressions into 'readymade' commercial landscape paintings found in thrift stores; as well as into modern car commercials and television shows. Feed


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