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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. The act of reapportioning or the state of being reapportioned.
  • n. Redistribution of representation in a legislative body, especially the periodic reallotment of U.S. congressional seats according to changes in the census figures as required by the Constitution.

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  • n. The act of reapportioning; a second or subsequent apportionment.
  • n. Reassignment of representation in a legislature, especially of U.S. House of Representative seats, in accord with changes in the census population determination.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A second or a new apportionment.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A renewed apportionment; a new proportional distribution or arrangement: as (in the United States), the reapportionment of members of Congress or of Congressional districts under a new census.

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  • n. a new apportionment (especially a new apportionment of congressional seats in the United States on the basis of census results)


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c. 1930 reapportion +‎ -ment


  • House seats in reapportionment -- the most of any state.

    Election 2010: Republicans net 60 House seats, 6 Senate seats and 7 governorships

  • Thirty-nine governors have a role in reapportionment.

    What's At Stake In 2010 Governors' Races

  • Black, infinitely more civilized but no less protective of his state and, by extension, of the dry laws both men supported, called reapportionment “unjust and unrighteous,” for favoring the cities over the countryside.


  • In a 10-year constitutional process called reapportionment, the Census Bureau said Tuesday that 12 congressional seats would move from one state to another.

    Census to cause move of 12 House seats to other states

  • The problem is that gerrymandering aka reapportionment has become so scientific and partisan that most House seats are now safe for one party or another.

    Is Kerry obsolete yet?

  • Adding to the uncertainty is the fact that Florida will gain two more congressional districts after reapportionment, meaning it will have a whopping 27 members of Congress.

    'Fairness' in Florida and how it could help Democrats

  • Gore were to become a controlling precedent in election administation, that each vote be counted as one, with no vote getting more or less weight that others, it is not a far stretch to begin to question whether such principles should apply in other senstive areas, such as reapportionment, majority-minotiry districts, vote dilution, and retrogression.

    The Problem of Bush v. Gore

  • That's why we need a constitutional convention, even if it's limited to issues such as reapportionment reform, the size of the Legislature, term limits, campaign finance and other basic reform issues.

    Columnist: Stephen Miller

  • He would push for negotiated settlements on both issues in a bid to get resolution before new issues such as reapportionment for political offices come up later in the term. - News

  • 'reapportionment' (i.e. allocation of number of congressional seats per state) but does not address (and thus does not prohibit) its use concerning 'redistricting'

    Swing State Project


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