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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of reconcile.

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  • adj. made compatible or consistent


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  • "For every rationalist metaphysician, from Plato to the last disciples of Hegel or Marx, this abandonment of of the notion of a final harmony in which all riddles are solved, all contraditions reconciled, is a piece of crude empiricism, abdication before brute facts, intolerable bankruptcy of reason before things as they are, failure to explain and to justify, to reduce everything to a system, which 'reason' indignantly rejects."

    Grammarian Peeves

  • The problem is that "not guiding" implies that "guiding" is the only way that God and evolution can be reconciled, which is simplistic and fails to reflect what many thoughtful Christians actually think.

    Pete Enns, Ph.D.: Evolution and Religion: Why Religion Pollsters Should Go to Seminary First

  • Let's assume that Gordon Brown's coup works and that he now drives Tony Blair from office much earlier than even the reduced timetable to which Blair is now reconciled - in other words that he forces Blair to quit any time between now and early 2007.

    Going, going, going???

  • That great farm-bred soldier and statesman, Louis Botha, accepted the verdict and became the leader of what might be called a reconciled reconstruction.

    An African Adventure

  • I knew I was right, though; and the idea reconciled me to the heat, dust, jarring, and gunboat that was coming up behind us.

    A Confederate girl's diary,

  • Thus, from the Assyrian researches as well as from other sources, it has come to be acknowledged by the most eminent scholars at the leading seats of Christian learning that the accounts of creation with which for nearly two thousand years all scientific discoveries have had to be "reconciled" -- the accounts which blocked the way of Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and Laplace -- were simply transcribed or evolved from a mass of myths and legends largely derived by the Hebrews from their ancient relations with Chaldea, rewrought in a monotheistic sense, imperfectly welded together, and then thrown into poetic forms in the sacred books which we have inherited.

    A History of the warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom

  • The most that we can say is that we do not fully see how they are to be reconciled, which is the case with many pairs of undoubted truths that might be named.

    A Manual of Moral Philosophy

  • Mucio, like his evil genius, was spiriting away his supplies just as they were reaching his hands; a threatening tempest seemed rolling up from France; the whole population of the Provinces which he had "reconciled" -- a million of paupers -- were crying to him for bread; great commercial cities, suddenly blasted and converted into dens of thieves and beggars, were cursing the royal author of their ruin, and uttering wild threats against his vicegerent; there seemed, in truth, nothing left for Alexander but to plunge headlong into destruction, when, lo!

    History of the United Netherlands from the Death of William the Silent to the Twelve Year's Truce, 1586c

  • How these two undoubted, yet seeming contradictory truths can be reconciled, that is, how Evils of any sort could have place in the works of an omnipotent and good Being, is very difficult to account for.

    A Free Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of Evil. In Six Letters to ���.

  • Now the two enacted bills must be reconciled, which is currently being done in closed door meeting among Democratic leaders and White House officials.

    Garden City News


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