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  • Bearing or marked with red figures: specifically noting the class of Greek pottery bearing red figures or ornament on a solid black ground, which succeeded the archaic black-figured pottery about the second quarter of the fifth century b. c., and includes the vases of the highest artistic type. See vase, and cuts under Poseidon, psykter, and pyxis.


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  • In a connecting corridor in the exhibition, entitled "Graphic Mythologies," his "Nessus and Dejanira" 1920, for example, is aligned with painted red-figured and white-ground Greek funerary jars and an incised, bronze Etruscan mirror to show how the subtle economy of means that marked Picasso's invigorated and elegant new linear style owed as much to the classical past as did his painted evocations of ancient sculptures.

    A Dialogue Across Centuries

  • Sotheby's An Attic red-figured hydria, attributed to the Marsyas Painter

    Spring Art Auction Highlights

  • It was a relief to be taken into a sitting room where there was a little more light, the fawn, red-figured velvet curtains held back by loops of brown braid, and the blinds behind them raised perhaps six inches.


  • I looked around my beautiful dwelling, saw the gold and silver, the bronze statues, the red-figured vases and the painted walls.

    Some Memorable First Lines

  • From 500 to 415, Attic painters of red-figured vases developed line drawing in a series of exquisite styles.

    4. The Classical Age, 510-323 B.C.E

  • Early Greek painting is known mainly from decorated pottery: red-figured vases replaced black-figured c.

    3. The Archaic Period, 800-510 B.C.E

  • The quantity of the extant pottery (especially red-figured pots and white-ground lekythoi, with battle and funerary scenes) and the great number of burnt bones from skeletons of well-built men, confirm the identification of these funerary structures as polyandreia.

    Fallen Heroes: The Excavations at 35 Salaminos Street

  • The offerings we found consisted of common, even cheap, burial vessels; black-finished ones, some small red-figured, as well as white lekythoi (oil flasks) of the second half of the fifth century B.C.

    Plague Victims Found: Mass Burial in Athens

  • Rolling the two ivory handles on the table before him, he advanced his red-figured scroll with a rustling of parchment.

    Conan The Warlord

  • Four supper-couches of pale polished pearwood, a sideboard with a fine wine-cooler and red-figured cups, a little gilt Aphrodite on a marble stand.

    The Praise Singer


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