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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of redescribe.


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  • Thanks to this group, America has been described and redescribed so many times that I fear a kind of word-based Strategic Defense Initiative is taking shape above us, shielding us from harsher but more realistic foreign words and creating resentment among our allies.

    Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Snippets 2008

  • Davidson (1963) once responded to a similar argument by noting that even if a mental state M is defined in terms of its production of an action A, it can often be redescribed in other terms P such that 'P caused A' is not a logical truth.

    Functionalism Levin, Janet 2009

  • In 1996 the species was redescribed as the Xenotyphlops grandidieri in Redescription of a Rare Malagasy Blind Snake, Typhlops grandidieri Mocquard, with Placement in a New Genus (Serpentes: Typhlopidae) V. Wallach, Ivan Ineich Journal of Herpetology, Vol. 30, No. 3 (Sep., 1996), pp. 367-376

    Archive 2007-01-01 2007

  • Thus my action of flipping the light switch can be redescribed as the act of turning on the light (under which it is intentional) and also as the act of alerting the prowler who, unbeknown to me, is lurking in the bushes outside (under which it is unintentional).

    Donald Davidson Malpas, Jeff 2009

  • Anyone who opposes what many people throughout the world would easily call torture is being redescribed as an "extremist."

    Balkinization 2006

  • Of the 29 species described prior to 1900, 27 are redescribed and 29 refigured, and a new name is proposed for I species

    I'm looking for a book.... ReBecca Foster 2008

  • These two views are so general that any case that can be described in one can be redescribed in the other.

    Replication Hull, David 2008

  • Instead of the time traveler entering the machine at t1 and exiting at t0, the same situation may be redescribed in terms of the spontaneous creation at t0 of one individual, and the spontaneous disappearance at t1 of another, with merely coincidental correlations between their belief states.

    The Metaphysics of Causation Schaffer, Jonathan 2007

  • Events, objects, facts, properties and so forth need to be redescribed in terms of the objects of physics.

    Causal Processes Dowe, Phil 2007

  • Sterelny's view that trait group selection can be redescribed without positing groups as the units of selection is an instance of a position that has been called model pluralism about the level of selection (R.A. Wilson 2003, 2005: ch. 10), since it claims that there is a plurality in the models that evolutionary biologists might adopt.

    The Biological Notion of Individual Wilson, Robert A. 2007


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