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  • noun Plural form of reductivist.


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  • I never trust anti-reductivists who rely on some mystical qualitative character of an experience.

    Relationships are complicated | FactoryCity

  • Given that non-reductivists construe the nature of paradigmatic relations as sui generis, it is not surprising that they feel the need to resort to metaphors to describe it.

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • More often than not, however, reductive realists object to non-reductivists on grounds of theoretical parsimony.

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • The fact that these reductivists regard relations as concepts, however, explains why they too are unwilling to identity relations with their foundations: for the relevant foundations, according to these philosophers, are ordinary, extramental accidents, and obviously no concept (or act of the mind) could be identical with them.

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • To explain this intuition, some non-reductivists think it is enough to say that a relation can be acquired (or lost) without its subject undergoing any real change with respect to its absolute accidents.

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • We have seen enough to appreciate the main ontological differences that divide reductive and non-reductive realists, and even some of the differences that divide non-reductivists among themselves.

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • Because this issue is not simple - the reductivists out there have tried to make it into a simple issue of our constitutional rights and it's not.

    Story Of Anti-FISA Group On Obama's Web Site Goes National

  • For our purposes, however, what is most interesting about this type of relational situation has to do with complication it presents for reductivists and non-reductivists alike.

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • Thus, when Simmias is taller than Socrates, reductivists and non-reductivists are agreed that it is an accident of Simmias that directly corresponds to (or as they would prefer to say, is primarily signified by) the concept ˜taller than™, and an accident of Socrates that is primarily signified by the concept ˜shorter than™.

    Medieval Theories of Relations

  • For although reductivists typically affirm that relations are identical to their foundations, and non-reductivists typically deny it, there are some reductivists who side, at least verbally, with the non-reductivists on this question.

    Medieval Theories of Relations


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