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  • noun A second or subsequent emission


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  • First, the essay begins with a characteristically clear and elegant exposition of the annual uptake of carbon dioxide by plants, and the subsequent reemission from respiration or decay.

    How Long Will They Stay?

  • If we go on the strict definition of ‘the process by which the atmosphere retains heat by selective absorbtion and reemission of solar radiation’ than this makes no sense.

    Bad Journalism In Action: Spreading Nonsense About Global Warming « Lean Left

  • If I get more time for this research, my next stage after cleaning up the results that exist now, is to try to adopt some sort of incremental absorption and reemission for the standard atmospheric temperature curve.

    Gerry North's Suggested Reading on Climate Models « Climate Audit

  • The GHG absorption & reemission argument is compelling in its simplicity but also physically wrong.

    The Swindle Complaint and Myles Allen « Climate Audit

  • In absence of equilibrium (f.ex a heating gas) absorption and reemission vary differently and the first formulation (leading to Beer Lambert) is invalid .

    Unthreaded #21 « Climate Audit

  • That absorbtion and reemission continuously generates enormous entropy, and so if you couple it to some other process, it permits a correspondingly huge decrease in entropy.

    How to Write an Antievolution Article - The Panda's Thumb

  • This effect presents some analogy with the g-2 anomaly of the electron spin except that it has the opposite sign: theg-factor of the atomic level is reduced by virtual absorption and reemission of RF photons whereas the factor of the electron spin is enhanced by radiative corrections.

    Claude Cohen-Tannoudji - Autobiography

  • I am looking for a theoretical model for the Greenhouse effect based on physical facts like spectroscopic absorption (IR-area from about 5 to 100 µm wavelength), like quantum mechanical models for absorption and (!) reemission, like turbulance in the troposphere, like what is the role of the stratosphere etc. etc.


  • That is due to the absorption and reemission of photons by atoms as light hits travels through glass (or air or fiber optics cable).

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • However, for the photons that ARE absorbed by the earth / sea / etc, the re-release is in the IR range, where the photon will encounter many, many absorbtion / reemission scenarios, each scenario repartitioning the energy such that the laws of energy flow, statistical resampling and so on mean the atmosphere is a black body.



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