from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A generalized feeling of resentment and often hostility harbored by one individual or group against another, especially chronically and with no means of direct expression.

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  • n. A sense of resentment, hostility and perhaps jealousy directed at that which one identifies as the cause of one's frustration; an assignation of blame.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French, resentment, from Old French ressentement, from resentir, to feel strongly; see resent.

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  • Chestnut tresses, once close-cut and well-kempt, fall almost to his shoulders which slump in ressentiment: * to every hair however stray, those shoulders seem to say, Halt!

    wine maker

  • I don’t know whether this is true or not, but it does seem a little odd to see Jonah saying it given how utterly, undisguisedly saturated in ressentiment contemporary conservative rhetoric is.

    What, You Think Yer (Hic) Better’n Me or Sumfin?

  • Nietzsche called this ressentiment which is commensurate with things like 'slave morality,' so you don't need me to give you a primer on Nietzsche to know that it's bad, and it is, apparently, flourishing in the blogosphere.

    Blog-Bashing Spelling Fascist Meanies: Turn Back Now

  • On second thought, this still may qualify as privileged white boy ressentiment.

    Wonk Room » Differing Views On A Settlement Freeze

  • The purpose of the eternal recurrence is to eliminate feelings of guilt, which lead to ressentiment.

    Matthew Yglesias » Eternal Recurrence

  • When the Republican party no longer becomes a party authoritarian obediance and ressentiment, this will change.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Not-Conservatives Strike Back

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~French Vocabulary~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ un échantillon (m) = sample; le ressentiment (m) = resentment; oui ... oui chéri (e) = yes ... yes dear

    wine maker

  • Similarly, at the core of what Nietzsche meant by evil was the concept of ressentiment--a particularly virulent and violent form of resentment and hatred born of impotence.

    Robert D. Stolorow: The Meaning and the Rhetoric of Evil: Auschwitz and Bin Laden

  • But there's something contemptible about those who knowingly channel ressentiment against the vulnerable few who are trying to call attention to its real causes.

    Jim Sleeper: Behind The Snarking About OWS

  • The French word for this predicament -- ressentiment (pronounced "ruh-sohn tee-monh") - denotes a public psychopathology in which gnawing insecurities, envy, and hatreds that have been nursed by many in private (and posted anonymously in comments online) converge eventually in scary social eruptions that diminish the participants even while seeming to make them brave participants in great crusades.

    Jim Sleeper: Behind The Snarking About OWS


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