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  • n. A plant, Heterothalamus brunioides, whose flowers yield a yellow dye; also, the dye thus produced. See Heterothalamus.
  • n. In Mexico, a name applied to several composites with an agreeable aromatic odor, especially to Chrysactinia Mexicana, Porophyllum scoparium, and Pectis stenophylla, all of which are used medicinally. The last species has a strong odor of lemon, and together with several of its congeners is sometimes called limoncillo. See limoneillo, 2.
  • n. One of the Mexican milkweeds, Asclepias Linaria; also called romerillo loco.
  • n. A plant belonging to the family Chenopodiace√¶, Dondia multiflora, the fleshy leaves of which are used in Mexico during the Lenten season as a potherb.
  • n. In Chile, Tricondylus ferrugineus, a shrub belonging to the family Proteace√¶.


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  • Above 3,500 meters (m), there are scrublands and wet rocky thickets with some shrubs and land orchids as well as forests of romerillo (Podocarpus).

    Peruvian Yungas


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