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  • adj. Being a style of bowling introduced in the early nineteenth century to supersede underarm bowling, itself superseded by overarm bowling.


round +‎ arm (Wiktionary)


  • The new style, known as roundarm bowling because the arm was extended outwards from the shoulder, was condemned in many quarters as "throwing", even though the arm was kept straight.

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  • When first framed the laws of the game only provided for underarm bowling however following a period of some controversy and unease roundarm bowling was legalised in 1835.

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  • The change to roundarm had marked the beginning of the end of underarm bowling although it had one more great exponent, William Clarke, who in all cricket took as many as 2,327 wickets between 1848 and 1854.

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  • In 1827, a set of "roundarm trial matches" was staged and after that, the new style was at first grudgingly and then legally adopted.

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