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  • n. The act of defeating the security mechanisms of a safe or vault to gain access to its contents.


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  • And Playmobil is a company which has a really wide selection of situational stuff ranging from police officers to hospital sets to safecracking (I want my potential kids to know about all eventualities).

    2009 January « Gin&Comment

  • After World War II, MI6 researchers worked on silent weapons, knockout tablets, safecracking tools and exploding filing cabinets that could destroy secret documents at short notice.

    UK Spies Spill Secrets In MI6 History Book

  • He established an unprecedented network of schools and training centers from Scotland to Surrey, a far-flung Dirty Tricks Academy where prospective agents would learn about everything from safecracking to silent killing to industrial sabotage to wilderness survival to spy tradecraft.

    Shadow Knights

  • Born in a Durham mining village in 1914, Eddie Chapman enlisted in the Coldstream Guards, but he soon discovered Soho, girls, and gambling, was discharged for going AWOL, and turned to petty crime, less petty when he graduated to gelignite and safecracking.


  • In general, I think it's a particular way of looking at the world, and that it's far easier to teach someone domain expertise -- cryptography or software security or safecracking or document forgery -- than it is to teach someone a security mindset.

    Inside the Twisted Mind of the Security Professional

  • He was a gifted teacher, a great talker and legendary for his many extracurricular activities, which ranged from compulsive womanizing to bongo playing to safecracking (a tension-relieving diversion at Los Alamos).

    Spin Doctor

  • He and Fi definitely had some heat between themlast night when they practiced safecracking he prefers the logicalapproach, she prefers using power tools.

    'Burn Notice' recap: Mike turns criminal |

  • Bank vaults are extremely difficult to open if you don't have the combination, but that doesn't justify safecracking.


  • I think of scoring in soccer as a safecracking job.

    Rambles at » Blog Archive » Visualizing soccer

  • The hard plastic clamshell container, with its fused seams, is so impenetrable it has even spawned its own safecracking tools: razor-sharp gadgets designed to slash through all that stuff.

    The Christmas Rage Watch


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