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  • n. Any of several grasses of the genus Cenchrus, especially C. tribuloides, of the eastern United States and tropical America, having a spiny burlike envelope that surrounds several one-grained spikelets.
  • n. The burlike envelope of any of these plants.

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  • n. Any of several grasses, of the genus Cenchrus, found in the south-eastern United States, that has a spiny burr

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  • n. grass of the eastern United States and tropical America having spikelets enclosed in prickly burs


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sand +‎ bur


  • Vegetation is mostly mid and tall grasses such as seacoast bluestem, switchgrass, gulfdune paspalum, fringeleaf paspalum, sandbur, purple threeawn, pricklypear, and catclaw with an overstory of southern live oak and honey mesquite trees.

    Ecoregions of Texas (EPA)

  • It is a sandbur whose grains are enclosed in clusters (fascicles) surrounded with many sharp spines.

    14. Wild Grains

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  • Spot spraying vinegar on young sandbur plants (at the 2-4 leaf stage) is also effective, but it isn't selective.


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  • EPA grants specific exemption for sandbur control in pastures


  • Journey is a post-emergence herbicide which should be applied after sandbur plants are up and growing, but before the burs begin to form.


  • Having a dense, vigorous stand of grass to provide competition, proper fertility, and prescribed burning in the late summer or fall to reduce seed populations are some of the other important management practices for effective sandbur control. with Tanker.


  • Only one herbicide currently has full label clearance for sandbur control in Bermudagrass pastures and hay meadows.


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