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  • n. One that sands, especially:
  • n. A device that spreads sand on roads.
  • n. Such a device together with the truck that carries it.
  • n. A machine having a powered abrasive-covered disk or belt, used for smoothing or polishing surfaces: a floor sander.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • n. A person employed to sand wood.
  • n. A machine to mechanize the process of sanding.
  • n. A device which spreads sand in snowy or icy conditions to improve traction.
  • n. Previously a small device resembling a saltshaker but containing sand that was shaken over a document to remove excess ink.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

to sand + -er


  • Andrew Testa/Panos for The Wall Street Journal Nic Fiddian-Green uses a handheld sander to smooth a section of a fiberglass model that will be finished in lead.

    Wild Horses

  • Their source is the artist, three meters above me on an improvised platform at the front of a fork-lift truck, using a handheld sander to smooth a colossal section of a fiberglass model.

    A Magnificent Obsession

  • Other tools in the line include an auto hammer, multi-tool, circular saw, sander, drill/driver, and LED light.

    Buildersā€™ Show: Craftsman's 3-minute battery charge

  • I promise I'll come up with something pithy, witty, or at least worth reading as soon as I can string three coherent thoughts in a row without wanting to scream and take a belt sander to the kneecaps of the nearest corporate CEO.

    Archive 2009-10-01

  • And what the hell is anyone doing with a sander out in the bayou, anyway?

    Dan Persons: Cinefantastique Post-Mortem: Hatchet II

  • (Among them: James Corr, a Lehman Brothers casualty turned stay-at-home dad who has invented a mountable wall ledge to hang marathon medals; massage therapist Natalia Rodriguez, creator of a multiform pillow; and military veteran turned film extra Bruce Taylor, the man behind the Mighty Mouth Suck It Up, a dust-free sander.)

    Group Is Mother of Inventions

  • Sand your wood floors with a sander, and you'll use 237 more every hour you work.

    10 tips on turning home repairs into a workout

  • Q: You have been a ranch wife, a reporter, a cook, a salad bar designer, house painter, hardwood floor sander, professor, single mother.

    A Conversation with Judy Blunt, author of Breaking Clean

  • Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tennessee, reports, When Adriene Holland unwrapped a power sander for Christmas, the budding entrepreneur saw past the power tool and toward building a business around the sport she is most passionate. | Blog | Hooping Blossoms in Memphis

  • I personally use a little power sander to file down all the extra little tabs on hoop connectors nadia said: On February 20, 2009 | Blog | Hooping Blossoms in Memphis


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