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  • n. A dune.
  • n. A sandhill crane, Grus canadensis.


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sand +‎ hill


  • The Democrats in this congress will be known as the sandhill democrats.

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • O'Meara said he hopes the site will attract birds such as sandhill cranes.

    The Columbus Dispatch Feed

  • Jim Beale (left) and Michael Mitchell after a good day of sandhill crane hunting near Monte Alto Texas.

    Field & Stream

  • I saw all kinds of birds, including two sandhill cranes walking around very close.

    Turkey Season Recap

  • Utah: Non-toxic ammunition required for sandhill crane and some wildlife management areas.

    Iowa in middle of lead-shot skirmish

  • South Dakota: Non-toxic ammunition required on most state land and U.S. military land for small game and for sandhill crane, snipe and tundra swan.

    Iowa in middle of lead-shot skirmish

  • North Dakota: Non-toxic shot required for sandhill cranes, tundra swans and snipe statewide and for all shotgun hunting on all U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lands, including federal refuges, except turkeys and big game.

    Iowa in middle of lead-shot skirmish

  • Ask your Mrs's how long they'd live in a hole (cave) dug into the side of a sandhill, with chunks of sod cut for a front wall, with nearest neighbor 10 miles away, grocery store 60 miles away (no cars remember), and with nothing to listen to but your uneducated husband (no radio, no TV, no phone).

    The Four Toughest Men of the Old West

  • I see the late-blooming Illinois rose and, once or twice, hear the strange call of sandhill cranes flying high overhead, winging south for the winter.

    Debra Shore: Let Us Now Praise Rake and Broom

  • My daughter remarked that we had sandhill cranes in Alaska and the woman turned and snarled "You are the barbarians whose governor lets them shoot the wolves"!

    has anyone ever been yelled or cussed at by animal rights activists


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