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  • noun Alternative spelling of scrutiny. Intense study of someone or something; a thoro inspection of a situation or a case.


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From Middle English scrutiny, possibly from Medieval Latin scrūtinium ("a search, an inquiry"), from Vulgar Latin scrūtārī ("to search or examine thoroughly"), of uncertain origin; possibly from Late Latin scrūta ("rubbish, broken trash"). Or of Germanic origin, related to Old English scrūtnung ("examination, investigation, inquiry, search"), from Old English scrūtnian, scrūdnian ("to examine carefully, scrutinize, consider, investigate"), from Proto-Germanic *skrudōnan, *skruþōnan (“to search, examine”), from Proto-Germanic *skrud-, *skruþ- (“to cut”), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)kreut- (“to cut”). Compare Old High German skrodōn, scrutōn, scrutilōn ("to research, explore"), Old High German scrod ("a search, scrutiny"), Gothic  (andhruskan, "to investigate, explore"), Old English scrēadian ("to shred, cut up, cut off, peel, pare, prune"). More at shred.


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